Our Services
The growing complexity in legislation and investment markets means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right financial choices and to take advantage of the many opportunities that have been introduced by the Government, without professional advice.

We are dedicated to understanding all the risks associated with the wide range of financial strategies, investment and insurance products. We are also aware of the tax and legal implications and can help you structure your finances to meet your financial goals throughout your working life and in retirement.

Access to this expertise and understanding can deliver powerful results both financially and for your own peace of mind. Making the right investment decisions is crucial to your financial future.

Through MGB Financial Services you can simply and conveniently access the following services and products:

  • 1. Financial Planning
    We help clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations by assisting them with the analysis and management of all aspects of their financial circumstances.

  • 2. Wealth Creation
    The right investment strategy can help you create wealth faster. We have a number of strategies available to assist you to accumulate wealth. We will assess your financial circumstances and develop a strategy to suit you.

    a) Guaranteed Products – markets can be unpredictable, they can move up, down or even sideways. So what’s the solution if you want to grow your wealth, but also want to protect what you have? Is it possible to invest in growth assets without the downside? You can with some innovative retirement and investment solution which also allows you to choose a guarantee over your capital or income.

    b) Direct Shares – we can assist in the development, administration & ongoing review of a share portfolio.

    c) Managed Funds – there are many managed funds to choose from depending on what type risk/return you are looking for. We can assist in the development administration & ongoing review of a share portfolio

    d) Socially Responsible Investments – integrates personal values and societal concerns with investment decisions. We can help putting your money to work, to build a better tomorrow while earning competitive returns today.

    e) Geared Products – geared products appear in many forms across the market, the most common being margin lending. We are well equipped to provide advice on all geared products.

  • 3. Risk Management
    A good financial plan will analyse and recommend how much protection you and your family need. We can provide advice on the right product combination and the most appropriate levels of coverage for you and your family, creating greater peace of mind and financial security

    a. Life Insurance – allows you to clear your debt and generate a source of income in the event of your death, for your children, dependents, or other beneficiaries.

    b. Trauma Insurance – allows you reduce you debt and meet any unexpected costs in the event of a medical trauma, for example cancer, stroke, heart attack.

    c. Income Protection – provides a source of income if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury.

    d. Protecting Business Assets – comprehensive asset protection planning is a very complex topic that touches on almost every aspect of business ownership. Your individual plan will depend on your comfort level and specific goals of your business.

  • 4. Superannuation
    Due to many changes in the rules governing superannuation, it has become a complex investment. We keep abreast of these changes to ensure you receive the best possible advice.

  • 5. Self Managed Superannuation Funds
    (SMSF) – a SMSF is often referred to as a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) super funds. In recent years, SMSF’s have become a popular choice for investors primarily due to the control factor. The main difference between a SMSF and other types of superannuation funds is that the members of a SMSF are also trustees and you have greater investment choice, particularly in the areas of property and shares. We can help in the establishment, administration and advice of your SMSF.

  • 6. Retirement Planning
    Retirement is one of the biggest changes you will experience in your lifetime. We can provide ongoing advice and support in the areas of income replacement, potential Centrelink entitlements and taxation minimisation, allowing you to enjoy a stress free retirement.

    a. Annuities & Allocated Pensions – we can assist you in identifying the most appropriate income stream product for you in retirement. A wide variety of options exist and we will adopt a strategy that satisfies your investment objectives and income needs.

    b. Centrelink Planning – we can help you understand your financial options through Centrelink and maximise your potential entitlements.

  • 7. Estate Planning Considerations
    Estate planning is essential to provide your family with security and peace of mind for you. We can engage with you in helping you understand and decide how you wish to plan your estate and the advantages and disadvantages of specific estate planning strategies. We also help you liaise with other estate planning professionals like Lawyers and solicitors who help you implement your full estate plan in accordance to your wishes.

  • 8. Mortgage broking
    If you are considering buying a new property, refinancing your existing loans, considering to buying a business or personal assets then our broking arm can help you out in finding the right loans, at most competitive terms and in the most efficient structures.